Semiconductor Dicing Solution




As the worlds market leader in dicing solution, Keteca’s Diamaflow® is formulated to help achieve optimal results in today’s advanced manufacturing technology and processes.  Our proven dicing solutions, formulated with special precision cleaning surfactants, have consistently enhanced quality, throughput and yield, providing effective and reliable solutions to today’s multifaceted wafer dicing processes.


Keteca’s dicing solutions are dispensed via our own Diamaflow® Automated Dispensing Systems to further improve effectiveness and consistency in the wafer dicing processes.


Specially formulated to increase cutting speed and improve quality and yield, Keteca Diamaflow® uses several precision cleaning, surface-activated and non-ionic surfactants, that leave no residue on the wafer surface.

  • Prevents cut debris build up on bonding pads by reducing the surface tension
  • Removes silicon dust from the cut area by encapsulating the individual particle and suspend any contamination so it floats off the wafer surface
  • Prevents corrosion of bonding pads and bumps
  • Improves ball shear strength
  • Reduces heat and friction during dicing
  • Reduces wafer chipping and cracking
  • Reduces damage from electrostatic discharge (ESD)
  • Keeps the dicing blade cleaner, prolonging the cutting life of the dicing blade
  • Keeps dicing saws clean
  • Environmentally safe and friendly, non-toxic
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