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Pulsed Laser

Pulsed FLM System

Keteca’s Pulsed Fiber Laser Marking System (Pulsed FLM) is a flexible and scalable OEM system for high-volume marking of a variety of devices and materials. It features extremely high marking throughput and the flexibility to mark a variety of materials.

The Pulsed FLM is a small-footprint, laser-based system that supports numerous marking applications. Its maintenance-free, air-cooled, pulsed industrial fiber laser uses a fiber-delivered termination that mounts directly to the scan head. This greatly simplifies installation by eliminating laser-head fixtures and the components associated with free-space beam delivery. The absence of a chiller also reduces floor space and utility needs.

Reliability is a hallmark of the Pulsed FLM. The end mirrors of the fiber lasers cavity are created with fiber Bragg gratings. Because these mirrors are formed within a glass fiber, there are no mirror surfaces that can become contaminated, which significantly increases the cavity reliability. Also, the single-emitter diodes that act as the optical pump source have demonstrably greater lifetime than bar diodes typically used in diode-pumped solid-state lasers. The lack of a chiller also eliminates a potential source of failure.

Key Features

1060 nm wavelength
Fiber delivery
Small-spot, single-mode marking beam
Environmentally sealed laser
High reliability
Long lifetime
No consumables
Small footprint
Pointing laser (red)


Permanent marking
- Plastics
- Metals
- Ceramics
- Poly-compounds
- Etching coated devices
- Infrared (IR) sensitive coatings
- Semiconductor
- Electronic component
- Medical device and tools
- Automotive plastics
- Day/night designs
Pointing laser (red)