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Fiber CW Laser

Fiber CW Laser

Keteca's Continuous Wave (CW) Fiber Laser Marking (FLM) System provides unique advantages in laser marking applications.

The heart of the system is the fiber laser, which incorporates multiple single-emitter diodes. These diodes have demonstrated significantly longer lifetimes than the bar diodes used in most diodepumped, solid-state marking systems. Failure of an emitter on a bar diode results in failure of the entire bar and laser. With Keteca's marking system, if one diode fails, the others are not affected and the laser continues to operate. Also, due to its all-in-glass design, contamination cannot accumulate inside the fiber laser. All of this leads to greater uptime and a dramatically lower cost of ownership.

Fiber delivery of the laser beam to the scan head greatly simplifies installation. The fiber laser is aircooled, which removes the need for a chiller system. This results in significantly reduced floor space requirements, reduced utility requirements, and elimination of a potential source of system failure.

In addition to the single-scan-head marking system, KETECA offers a dual-scan-head system with almost twice the marking field of a single-head system. Unlike other dual-head systems that use a single laser and split the beam, this system utilizes two lasers. By marking simultaneously, the Keteca system can process parts twice as fast.

Key Features

All solid-state, sealed-in-glass design
Fiber delivery
Small-spot, single-mode marking beam
High reliability
Long lifetime
No consumables
Small footprint


Permanent marking
- Metals
- Ceramics
- Poly-compounds
- Etching coated devices
- Infrared (IR) sensitive coatings
- Semiconductor
- Electronic component
- Medical devices
- Day/night designs
- Other manufacturing